Songs: We Made It

WeMadeItCoverWe Made It is one of the first songs I completed and dared to play for an audience. It was written in about 10 minutes. My friends like to call it ‘The Old People Song’, it’s a simple and sweet song about happily ever after. It’s inspired by my parents’  happy marriage (I know right – cheesy much?) and the story a friend once told me: she overheard an elderly couple sitting on a park bench, the man said to his wife ‘we made it – we grew old together.’ For the audio: click!

50 years have come and gone and we’re still dancing to our song, we kept our promises. We made it / Look at us, baby, here we are. 50 years gone, we’ve made it this far. Grew old like we said we would, old together just like we should / Sitting there with that look on their face, still laughing at the same jokes they used to make. Loving like they haven’t aged a day. And he says ‘we made it’ / Look at us, baby, here we are. We’re still going strong, we’re still holding on to what we’ve found all these years ago.

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