Mooie Noten 2013

Mooie Noten 2013 Poster

Mooie Noten, 4th of April 2013
Being new to the whole performing thing I did not exactly know what Mooie Noten was, what I did know was that it’s a pop song competition. And I write popsongs. So 1+1 = 2. Little did I know that it’s pretty awesome to get selected at the first try! So it was a very exciting gig. I was very honored to have been selected.And it was really cool to play the Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam with Pascal (bass) and Francesco (lead guitar). We did not make it to the next round but still had a wonderful time. Maybe one day we’ll get through and get to play Paradiso – the dream come true! This sure was nice for a starting singer-songwriter!

1. We Made It
2. It Was Big
3. The Next Game

Mooie Noten 2013

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