SSW Contest Cool

SSW Contest Cool Kunst & Cultuur, 17th of October 2013
Another hometown gig, this time a lot less nervous. Cool Kunst & Cultuur in Heerhugowaard had initiated a contest for singer-songwriters where one of them could win a day in the studio and a songwriting masterclass with Chip Taylor. We (Pascal & I) got some very good feedback from the jury although we did not win the contest. That has never ruined a good night though, because we had a pretty good one! For tonight I planned to ‘debut’ the song I had last written and finished with Pascal: A Good Thing. Naturally, I had a reason for waiting ’til tonight to play it – the person I had written it for&about was gonna be in the audience for the first time. So without any warning I just gave the song a *general* introduction and started playing. The lyrics were pretty obvious though, haha.

1. Delicate Beginning
2. It Was Big
3. A Good Thing
4. We Made It

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