BoNoZeKa 2013

BoNoZeKa 2013, 20th of December 2013
We rehearsed for a 25 minute gig, but when we arrived we were told we could play for an hour if we wanted to. So we doubled our setlist on the spot! A lot of unrehearsed fun, spontaneous duets and positive feedback from the audience. A really good night, might be the most fun we’ve had performing so far. Also, because of the amount of time we had, we played some new songs:

#5 is a song we played live for the first time 3 weeks before this, a very personal and quite sad song. #7 is a brand new song we had only practiced once before, a song I really like to play.

1. It Was Big
2. The Next Game
3. We Made It
4. A Good Thing
5. ‘Til Your Heart’s Been Broken
from here on out the non-rehearsed part of the show
6. Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift cover w/ Dan Birch) click for video
7. Sweeter Than This
8. Tennessee (The Wreckers cover) click for audio
9. Delicate Beginnings
10. The Gardner (The Tallest Man On Earth cover w/ Dan Birch)