Live @ Taste Of Music!

So, yesterday we had our first (and for the time being, last – more on that later) performance of 2014! After having to cancel two times in 2013, we finally got to play radioshow Taste Of Music @ Omroep Zuidplas and it was lovely. So far radio performances have been a lot more fun to me than any other live performance, that probably has something to do with the fact that I am clueless when it comes to interacting with the audience. Anyhoo, we did a little interview and played two sets of 3 songs. I started off singing TERRIBLY off key but when my nerves calmed the f down, it was fine. We had a wonderful night, in the end they gave me the new Boy&Bear CD ‘Harlequin Dream’ which I had already fallen in love with the week before – what are the odds right ?!

Setlist Taste Of Music, 7th of January 2014
1. A Good Thing
2. It Was Big
3. The Next Game
4. Til Your Heart’s Been Broken
5. We Made It
6. Sweeter Than This

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