EP Planning II : During

(band of outsiders)

Since the ‘before‘ blog was well received, I took the advice and wrote a piece on EP Planning: during. Because even the most organized person in the world (read: me) can’t control everything that happens while recording. And that is a fact. On april 24th I had my first ever studio-day and it went something like this..

 My day
Like I said, you can’t plan on everything. For example, I couldn’t control that I was having the flu and sounded like a dying seal. So the vocals will be recorded another day. But man what a day this first day was, we started at 10am and finished 10pm.  I loved every minute of this day – watching everything fall into place. I really can not wait to share it with everyone at the release party 26th of september @ ‘t Kompleks! I am really thankful to have had these awesome guys Pascal, Maarten, Lars, Chris & Maarten joining me and making this possible.

10169371_564249977007575_1183176514329650640_nOn topic, the first thing about recording: friend Chris was right, studio time does not equal earth-time. 1 studio hour is about 10 minutes on earth. Keep that in mind.

Panic Attack!
Another thing that will always be a struggle – with creativity in general – is insecurity. At some point in the process you might find yourself overwhelmed by a feeling of ‘what the f am I doing?’ I had the feeling several times, wondering if I picked the right songs, if people are gonna hate it etc. What I find reassuring is that you can be sure that there will always be people that are gonna hate what you do, no matter what you do. So the best opinion to value is your own.

Technical requirements
Time to fess up. When it comes to technical things about my instrument, I’m pretty much clueless – no Lars, I don’t know what types of wood were used in my guitar. I started playing guitar years ago, but it was only last year that a friend of mine taught me the right way of changing strings. So you can imagine that the last thing on my mind while preparing for recording was changing the strings on my guitars, checking the cables and changing the battery (if you have one). Nothing went wrong here, but I thought it would be good advice.

That’s actually all I have to say, other than my flu and time going way faster than expected there were no unwelcome surprises. Stay tuned for the behind the scenes video, because we had a very talented filmmaker aboard! I would love to hear other people’s experiences & tips on recording in the studio. Oh and one last piece of advice: don’t forget to eat.

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