EP: Planning III – After


The other night, after having a meeting with a producer, I was having drinks with some friends and they asked me what my plans were regarding the marketing of my EP. No comment. I believe I’ve said it before, marketing is a very important part – and also one I’m terrible at. So if you also suck at promoting yourself or your band, here’s some ideas and pointers that I got from my friends and The Internet. As always I would love to hear creative ideas that other people have used for marketing purposes!

1) Crowdfunding. Start a crowdfunding campaign, dutch people can do it at http://www.voordekunst.nl but you can also use your own Facebook page or website. Set up a paypal account and have people pre-order your EP for a reasonable price. You can then send them a confirmation e-mail if they pre-ordered and send the EP once it’s out. Maybe add a personal message or something like that.

2) Sell your body. No just kidding, but you could offer living room concerts. Give people the opportunity to hire you to come and play at their home for a party or whatever.

3) Make sure you have a website and make sure that your EP will look like a part of that website. Have a photo-shoot, pick the best photo(s) and use them on all your social networking sites + use one as the artwork for your EP. It just looks more professional if everything matches.

4) Think about how,when and where to release the EP. Check this blog on how to plan a release party, I’ll write a blog on my own release party soon but this one covers the subject quite well. Optional: think of someone that can be your ‘support act’ at the release party.

5) Get some friends together, have some food & beverages and spend a sunday afternoon copying your EP and making the artwork yourselves. You will save money and have some quality time with your wonderful friends: two birds with one stone.

6) Send your EP to (local) newspapers and magazines that review albums. Chances are you’ll get a little interview where you can tell all about the hard work you’ve put into that little masterpiece of yours or they might write a nice little review on it. (+ that neighbor, that always gives your parents the evil eye and silent treatment, suddenly comes up to your parents all enthusiastic with a copy of the article about you)

7) Sell your EP at your gigs for a reasonable price. If you have a good gig and people have enjoyed watching and listening to you, they will be likely to buy your music on the spot even if it’s just for support. Because who doesn’t have 5 euro’s in his pocket on a night out, right?

8) Give out free EP’s/Share&Win. When you have a printing company press your EP, the minimum you’ll have to get is usually around 250 pieces. Let’s be real – there’s a good chance you won’t be able to get rid of that many EP’s as a new and unsigned artist, so why not tell people they can come and get one for free? You can also make it a nice Like/Share&Win competition on Facebook. It’s a good way to get people acquainted and involved with your music.

9) Make promo videos for upcoming releases or teasers for your album/ep/amazing upcoming gig.

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