Sweeter Than This

It’s been about two weeks since the release party of my first studio recording: demo-EP ‘Sweeter Than This’, shame on me for not addressing this wonderful night earlier because it really was all unicorns and rainbows, it couldn’t have been …. sweeter than this. Pun intended.

The night was of to a good start when the beautiful release-party-banner my parents made me (so sweet) fit the stage perfectly. Dan Birch warmed up the crowd for me and he did a darn good job at that. I had a lot of fun playing new songs such as ‘Cold’, which had my pack of gals laughing since it’s kind of a passive aggressive break-up song. We finished our first set with ‘Sweeter Than This’ as a way of introducing the demo-EP and it’s wonderful first music video by Ferdy Vermeulen, which you should really check here. After showing the video on-screen we played our last set, ending with a completely acoustic cover of ‘If I Needed You’ by Townes Van Zandt with Jasper Schalks. That one always works like a charm, we were even invited to play my aunties future funeral – I know she meant well, but I’d rather not think of that!

After the performance the previous mentioned pack of gals presented me with their home-made Gold Record of ‘Sweeter Than This’, the sweetest thing. I got a lot of great responses about the progress I’ve made as a singer and performer, yay! It truly was a wonderful night free of complications. I couldn’t have asked for more or be more thankful for all the people that showed up from all over the country, that helped me over the years, that made all of it possible. I am blessed with the friends and family I have.

The recordings on ‘Sweeter Than This’ are available now on Spotify, iTunes (andallofthat) or you can get a physical CD with a handwritten note from me for 5 euros by sending me a message on amberkammingamusic@gmail.com

P.S.: the whole release was filmed, check out the new and the old songs here.