The Bucket List #2 (Live @ 3FM!)

2014-10-28 23.52.37It’s only november and I’m already looking back on 2014 like it’s NYE. At the end of last year I remember writing ‘I wonder what 2014 is gonna bring!’ on our Facebook page. If someone would’ve told me “you’re gonna record an EP, play the main stage of Paradiso and play live on 3FM” I would have laughed right at them, but all of that actually happened..

I’ve been wanting to play on 3FM for quite a while, but it isn’t the kinda thing you can just ask for. So this one evening on october 28 – when I just got home and was ready to sit in my cat-sweater and watch Sex & The City – someone notified me that 3FM DJ Sander Hoogendoorn was looking for singer-songwriters on Twitter. Immediately after replying to their call, they called me and asked if I could be at their studio in about an hour. Never in my life have I gotten to the train station this fast. At 9:30 PM, not the worst time to play live on national radio, I played ‘Sweeter Than This’ at Dit Is Domien more nervous than ever before. I got some wonderful responses, It’s an amazing feeling when people that you don’t force to listen to you (like friends & family) actually wanna hear more and are touched by your songs.

Add that to graduating Law School the day before and what you get is a week of feeling on top of the world. 2014, no matter what happens, you’ve been good to me.

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