GREENHOUSE-3I thought let’s just throw the interviews, reviews etc. in one post since I like things to be organized. Here’s a little update on what I’ve been up to…

1. ‘Sweeter Than This’  demo-EP review & give-away by His Royal Badness.
Well that about says it all doesn’t it? Music platform ‘His Royal Badness’ wrote a very positive review about my first studio recordings, you can read it here (it’s all in Dutch, sorry ’bout it)

2. Interview with STAD Alkmaar. 
Last Thursday I performed an acoustic set at Podium Victorie in Alkmaar as part of Alkmaars Songwriters Collectief. Before the gig I, and the other artists that played that night, did an interview with the crew of STAD Alkmaar. Watch it here:

3. The Northern Acoustic
On Valentine’s day I filmed an acoustic session with the boys from the Northern Acoustic, stay tuned for the clips!