Acousic Session: The Northern Acoustic

As mentioned in my previous post I went to see the fellas at The Northern Acoustic to film an acoustic session on Valentine’s Day. Here are the songs that we taped, I will give you a short description on what the songs are about

1. Back To Barcelona
I wrote this song in the beginning of 2014, a few months after a breakup. I was thinking about the trip me and him took to Barcelona and how I fell in love with that city. There may be no such thing as a clean break, but I’m just gonna hold on to the good memories and let them be what they are: good, not bittersweet.

2. If I Needed You (Townes van Zandt cover w/ Jasper Schalks)
We perform this cover whenever we can because it’s wonderful and the audience always loves it. Now we finally have a decent recording of it.

3. Liar
This is a relatively new song, I finished it recently. I usually play it on the electric guitar and with the band, but I was curious to see what a more stripped down version would sound like. It’s a song about someone who I caught lying, time after time.