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2015-03-29 19.34.16With a new fulltime job and two gigs a week, I keep forgetting to share my wonderful experiences. So let’s catch up on the highlights: I sang with an orchestra and today’s Gluren Bij De Buren – Haarlem turned out to be so much more than we expected…

On March 14,2015 I got to do something I have never done before: sing with an orchestra, the Hou&Trouw Fanfare. And boy, was I nervous. I don’t think I’ve been this nervous since Paradiso (yes I will keep bringing that up for the rest of my life).  We performed ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ by Simon&Garfunkel, followed by ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’ by Elvis. It was an evening to remember and an experience I hope to have again in the future (maybe a Lana Del Rey song, god that would be lovely). For those who don’t believe me, or those who like Can’t Help Falling In Love, here’s a little video:

Then today we were playing 3 living room concerts for Gluren Bij De Buren – Haarlem. With the typical dreary Dutch weather going on, it being a Sunday and me knowing zero to none people in Haarlem, we did not expect much. But throughout the day an estimated 135 people showed up to catch one of our 3 living room gigs, 10 of them bought our demo-EP “Sweeter Than This” and all of them were carefully listening to what we were playing.

We were overwhelmed with joy and we were so lucky to have THE best hosts one could ask for: Tjarda & Olle. They opened their (catalogue worthy) home for us + 135 guests and took care of each person in the room. Hosts of the year, hands down.

2015-03-29 16.42.06

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