Baby, love me cause I’m playing on the radio

2015-04-27 09.08.15That’s kind of a weird title for a post, but when I think the word ‘radio’ I think Lana Del Rey’s ‘Radio’ (from Born To Die) and then that sentence comes up. Back to the point, I had some more radio adventures this week!

1. On Sunday evening, after some tweeting, I decided that on Monday morning me and my friend Jasper were gonna go pay a visit to 3FM DJ Sander Hoogendoorn -who was having his morning radioshow live from the Vrijmarkt in Utrecht on the occasion of Kingsday (it’s a national holiday in the Netherlands that not even us Dutch people really understand).  It was a fun way to start the daty, you can listen to the segment here:

2. Then that night I had a national radio gig at Radio 1 planned, ‘Dit Is De Nacht’, which meant pulling an all nighter before going back to the office. I don’t do well with all nighters – things I do for music. But it was so worth it.

Me and friend Chris Dekker left Amsterdam around 12:30 AM (and got back at 6 AM). In between we played 4 of my songs: Back To Barcelona, Liar, Sweeter Than This and A Good Thing. There’s also some talking in between but it’s Dutch, sorry ’bout it. Just listen to the songs here:

Another adventure, never a dull moment, on to the next!

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