Cover Friday #1: You Are In Love

CoverSC1I should make ‘Cover Friday’ a thing, but I rarely have Friday nights – or any night these days – off. BUT! Last night I finally had some time to do a cover I’ve been wanting to do: Taylor Swift’s ‘You Are In Love’. And I am happy with how it turned out! What do you think? 

The first time I listened to ‘1989’, when it was just released, ‘You Are In Love‘ was the most boring song on the album to me. But I’ve grown to love it! It’s simplistic, sweet, love-drenched and a pleasure for those who love to sing harmonies (=me). So I grabbed my (well, technically Chris’) electric guitar, started GarageBand, recorded the basics and then started messing around with electric guitar effects.

Here’s the result!

I used:
– Gibson Melody Maker Electric Guitar
– Ibanez shitty starter amplifier
– Snowball USB microphone
– Yamaha P500 stage piano

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