Living Room Concert: GBDB Haarlem

12341227_415073858703893_9159681809034340260_nOn Sunday, March 20 the second edition of Gluren bij de Buren – Haarlem took place. And since I should write down more performance memories, here’s one..

Last year was the first year of Gluren bij de Buren: Haarlem, I had never actually done a living room concert but the concept of a living room festival sounded nice – plus, I secretly love the city of Haarlem. We were blessed with the best hosts and a wonderful house to play in. So many people showed up (a total of 135 in 3 sets) and everyone had a lovely time, I know this because this year I went back to that same house with the same hosts and some of the same people showed up!

This year I also brought the entire band, such a good time – is all  I can say. You can see this year’s audiences on the pictures below, not too shabby right?! Who knows, I might just do a living room tour for the next release…

If this gets you excited, you know, just head over to ‘Contact‘ and we can make this happen for you too.

[20 mrt '16] GBDB Crowd


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