Update: Rehearse, Record, PlayPlayPlay

IMG_7720Since it’s been a while, lets do an update! I’ve been quite busy lately, rehearsing a lot with the band, playing several times a week – on and off stage – and (prepping for) studiodays (not mentioning trying to get my driver’s licence, writing my thesis, working part-time and still going to college)! Here are April’s highlights…

Flashback to the week of April 11, when my guitar (and vocals) did not get any rest. In that week I got to rehearse and play with two very talented musicians, one of them added a new instrument to my set: pedal steel! And it was lovely..

Then on Wednesday we got to perform in that new setting at Mooie Noten @ Mezrab Wilhemina, Amsterdam. (Oh and I cut my hair, lovin’ it!)

But in between I also had to rehearse with the *regular* band, because we went for a recording session at LIFRA Studios on Friday the 15th – more on that to come.

On Saturday the 16th I had to play Kompleks in Heerhugowaard for a bandcontest, which was, well, interesting, since 4 out of 5 original bandmembers were either ill or unavailable. But we worked with what had and had a lot of fun!

On Sunday the 17th I had the last gig of the week: Kijken, Kijken, Kopen at clothing store Number Nine in Alkmaar. In my head this meant: I play some songs in an awesome clothing store and a few people are gonna come in and hear me in the background. In reality this meant: people waiting in the store for my set to start and people actually really listening to what I was doing. It was surprisingly the loveliest gig that week.

The following week I only had two gigs. One at Het Veerkwartier in Haarlem on Sunday and the first one on Thursday at the P60 in Amstelveen, finally back on stage with the whole band and in a cool venue! We were the last band, going on at 10PM. You can imagine it was quite a challenge to get that crowd quiet enough to do our version of ‘If I Needed You‘ acoustic and off-stage, but we did it… and oh yeah, we played our newest song live for the first time!

What’s next? On May 6 we’re going back to the studio. Recording is gonna be the focus ’til summer, but there will be a few really nice gigs until then – you can see them here