Live at NPO Radio 1!

I was asked to play on national radioshow ‘Nog Steeds Wakker’ at NPO Radio 1 on May 4th, between 2 and 4AM. So I got to pull an all-nighter with guitarist Dave and replace-bass-Chris (that sounds fun when you say it out loud). Exactly one year and one week ago, Chris and I did the same thing for ‘Dit Is De Nacht‘, another show on NPO Radio 1. I did a better job at documenting it this time though..

I could describe the whole night to you, but it’s just SO much easier to film short fragments during the night and put them all together:

We played ‘Back To Barcelona’, ‘A Good Thing’, ‘Sweeter Than This’ and ‘Getting To Know you. Listen to the full broadcast here:
Hour 1:
Hour 2:

This was one of the last live performances I will do, I’m gonna take the rest of the year – or at least til summer – to focus on recording (and writing my thesis). But there’s a few shows left, check ‘m!

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