Live: Uitmarkt Museumplein!

In my last blog I told you about how I won a contest and was gonna play the ABN Amro Talent Stage at de Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. When I wrote that, I figured I was gonna play some small stage on the side but it would look good on my resume. Boy, was I wrong…

After my Mixtream gig I raced back to Amsterdam (actually, my dear guitarist Dave gave me a ride). De Uitmarkt is a quite huge event in Amsterdam and the mainstages are at Museumplein. When I got to the ABN Amro stand, I was taken backstage of a HUGE stage with a big crowd. It was gonna be my stage. Biggest crowd I’ve played so far and I can’t wait to do it again – with the whole band! Anyhow, here’s a behind the scenes video:

And here’s some Dutch news articles about my performance:


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