Bye 2017, you were something else!

WARNING: This will be a long one! #TLDR! It’s time to get sentimental and look back at 2017 – I’d like to know, what are you proud of & thankful for in 2017?

Patronaat Haarlem, May 2017 – by Jaap Kroon Fotografie
First things first, a big ‘thank you’ to my band this year: Dave – Stefan – Pascal who keep showing up and make performing so much more fun, even though I can be a real pain in the ass (I know guys, I know)

Sugarfactory, June 2017 – by Chris P. Dekker
Me, I’m proud to have shared the stages of Patronaat Haarlem, Altstadt Eindhoven, Sugarfactory and Podium de Vorstin with some amazing bands. I’m proud to have played far, far away from the Netherlands in the effing Bluebird Cafe – TWICE (thank you, Steve). Also, I’m pretty proud to have gotten my first ‘grown up’ job, my lovely palace in the city and my driver’s license (lord knows what a nightmare that was for me).

Adrian, yours truly, Manuel & Alice after the most beautiful (and cold and dirty and hungover) hike at Cummins Falls, TN. Before we went back in time to see the Grammy’s and have delicious order-in pasta.
I’m extremely thankful for all the traveling I got to do this year – alone and with friends: Morocco, Portugal, Croatia, the UK, Canada, but most of all my dream come true: Nashville – where I was a part of the Judy Stakee songwriting retreat and met the most wonderful musicians & songwriters. Man, I don’t think I’ve ever as happy as I was in Nashville this year! I’m also so thankful for Viva magazine’s support by letting me vlog about my Nashville adventures.

The Judy Stakee Nashville songwriting retreat group!
Last but not least, I’m ever so grateful for having the most honest, supportive and positive friends & family that always stick around. Hashtag blessed. I’m also grateful for the inspiring people from all over the world I got to meet this year, one in particular, and I am thankful for the one person I needed to lose.
Bring on a happy & healthy 2018!
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