In 2019, after the release of my single ‘Name of Love’, I decided to Google some trustworthy songwriting contests. I found a list somewhere on a forum with about 10 legit competitions, on top of that list: The International Songwriting Competition (ISC), The John Lennon Songwriting Contest (JLSC) and the UK Songwriting Competition (UKSC). So I decided to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed: Name of Love was among the final 1% (of 18.000 submissions) and won honourable mention + an iZotope Spire Studio. In my defence: the grand prize winner was ‘Dance Monkey’ that year.

Flash forward to 2021, where I released my single ‘3AM’ in January. I wanted to try out another competition, so I submitted ‘3AM’ for the UKSC in May. Today I found out it got a 5-star rating (see below) is and is in the semi-finals now! SO COOL. Fingers crossed it gets to the final (or heck, it wins something!)

Now, I know music ain’t a competition. But I just like to have some professional validation for something I put my heart and soul in, it gives me some confidence and makes it easier for me to reach out to other people and collaborate.

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