EP Update #1: Petje af!

The first studiodiary documenting the EP process is online!

In the 1st episode you can see how Dave Neijsen lays down the guitar parts, how we start building the song track by track and how producer Nick & I have a lengthy discussion about one single chord😂💕

You can find it at www.petje.af/amberkamminga where from now on I will be sharing exclusive content like studiodiaries, unreleased songs, demos & more in exchange for a very small donation!

And the first unreleased track (‘Draw the Line‘) is already on there as well… so if you wanna support independent musicians like me, this is your chance! :)

Thanks to @nhpopplatform / @podiumvictorie / @cultuurfonds & Sena for supporting this project 🙏🏼

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