Drawings & Paintings.

I like to put pen(cil) to paper, whether it’s songwriting or drawing. Here are some of my drawings and paintings from over the years..

If you want to buy one, please send an email to

Leighton Meester, Pen, 2012
Chanel Girl, Pen, 2012
Ginta Lapina, Pen
Swantje Paulina, Pen, 2020
Candice Swanepoel, Pen
Couple, Pencil
Lana Del Rey, Pen, 2017
Rihanna, Pen, 2018
John Mayer, Pen, 2017
Chloe Grace Moretz, Pen
Woman, Pen, 2016
Stranger Things/Joe Keery, Pen, 2019
Candice Swanepoel, Pen, 2019

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