Last gig of 2016!

The last month of 2016 – the last gig of 2016! Can time just chill the F out? Pfewwwww. This Sunday the band will join me for an acoustic performance at the other side of the country: PopEI Eindhoven! We will be playing 3 sets between 3 and 5PM.  Continue reading “Last gig of 2016!”


Live: Uitmarkt Museumplein!

In my last blog I told you about how I won a contest and was gonna play the ABN Amro Talent Stage at de Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. When I wrote that, I figured I was gonna play some small stage on the side but it would look good on my resume. Boy, was I wrong… Continue reading “Live: Uitmarkt Museumplein!”

Live at NPO Radio 1!

I was asked to play on national radioshow ‘Nog Steeds Wakker’ at NPO Radio 1 on May 4th, between 2 and 4AM. So I got to pull an all-nighter with guitarist Dave and replace-bass-Chris (that sounds fun when you say it out loud). Exactly one year and one week ago, Chris and I did the same thing for ‘Dit Is De Nacht‘, another show on NPO Radio 1. I did a better job at documenting it this time though.. Continue reading “Live at NPO Radio 1!”