I’ve officially closed the ‘3AM’ promotion circus a couple of weeks ago, because I like closure. But last week a nice article was written by dutch country blog ‘New Country NL’ that I just have to share! It’s written in dutch though:

I’m also gonna take this opportunity to let you know that ‘3AM’ is at 22.000+ streams, wow! That’s so cool!

NEW MUSIC: The ‘Heartbreak Version’ is out now!

To me, anger & sadness are often two sides of the same coin. I wanted to show both sides by also releasing this other version of ‘3AM’. The anger and strength is in the original version, the sadness is audible in the ‘Heartbreak Version’, with a beautiful string arrangement to complement that.

Which one do you like best?

One Month of ‘3AM’

Whew! Yesterday marked 4 weeks since ‘3AM’ was released online, the perfect time to take a look at how it’s been going!

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check my Spotify stats everyday, but that’s only because I can’t believe we’re still getting between 200-400 streams A DAY (we passed 5K in 4 weeks!)

Since I don’t have a plugger/promoter/team/editorial playlist behind it, I’m quite satisfied with those numbers! With my last release, ‘Name of Love’, the streams fizzled out a lot faster (after 1k the first day, it was at 65 after 1 week).

So what else has ‘3AM’ gotten so far? I love making lists and I think it’s good to take a moment and be gratefull for what did happen, instead of what didn’t happen (we do that on a daily basis as musicians anyway).

RADIO – who gave it a spin?
– ARC Radio (UK) made it record of the week in the first week and it’s still sitting at #17 in their top 40
– Omroep Brabant
– RTV Smelne FM
– RPL Woerden / Podium 107.1
– Pinguinradio
– RTV80 / The Basement
– Hits from the Heartland

WRITE-UPS – who had some kind words?
Here Comes the Flood (blog)
Ear to the Ground Music (blog)
Catchingmusic (blog)
– Women Crush It (Instagram)
– HitZound (blog)

PLAYLISTS – who wants to listen again?
I’m gonna leave listener playlists out of it (even though those make me real proud too<3)
The Women of Country; Next Generation
– Pinguinradio: Pinguin Pop
– IndieXL: Nieuw uit Nederland
– Allied Musicians: Best of Independent Artists
F*ckboy Friday
– Hits from the Heartland
– For the Love of Music: NL100
– Make Pop Music: Official Community Playlist

and: The official Dutch Top40 has had 3AM in their ‘voting list’ for weeks now! So funny.

I can only hope the next release does even better and we slowly reach a new, bigger audience <3

P.S.: Did you already see the ‘Song Diary’ for 3AM? CLICK!