In 2019, after the release of my single ‘Name of Love’, I decided to Google some trustworthy songwriting contests. I found a list somewhere on a forum with about 10 legit competitions, on top of that list: The International Songwriting Competition (ISC), The John Lennon Songwriting Contest (JLSC) and the UK Songwriting Competition (UKSC). So I decided to try it out and I wasn’t disappointed: Name of Love was among the final 1% (of 18.000 submissions) and won honourable mention + an iZotope Spire Studio. In my defence: the grand prize winner was ‘Dance Monkey’ that year.

Flash forward to 2021, where I released my single ‘3AM’ in January. I wanted to try out another competition, so I submitted ‘3AM’ for the UKSC in May. Today I found out it got a 5-star rating (see below) is and is in the semi-finals now! SO COOL. Fingers crossed it gets to the final (or heck, it wins something!)

Now, I know music ain’t a competition. But I just like to have some professional validation for something I put my heart and soul in, it gives me some confidence and makes it easier for me to reach out to other people and collaborate.


I’ve officially closed the ‘3AM’ promotion circus a couple of weeks ago, because I like closure. But last week a nice article was written by dutch country blog ‘New Country NL’ that I just have to share! It’s written in dutch though:


I’m also gonna take this opportunity to let you know that ‘3AM’ is at 22.000+ streams, wow! That’s so cool!

NEW MUSIC: The ‘Heartbreak Version’ is out now!

To me, anger & sadness are often two sides of the same coin. I wanted to show both sides by also releasing this other version of ‘3AM’. The anger and strength is in the original version, the sadness is audible in the ‘Heartbreak Version’, with a beautiful string arrangement to complement that.

Which one do you like best?