NEW MUSIC: a surprise song!

‘Tis the damn season and all, so when I accidentally wrote a Christmas song on December 4, I decided to make a demo of it with my guitarist&co-producer Dave.

And it’s here now for you to listen to! All you gotta do is click this link: and let me know what you think :)

For a preview, here you go:

Happy holidays!

Co-Write: Lighter

Shame on me for not posting this earlier, because I love when someone records the song I wrote with them! Quite some time ago in 2019, when people could travel and hug, I was in Nashville and feeling a little homesick for the first time, but that day turned around when I met up with Abi & Abi to do a girls’ night and co-write. We had the most fun writing and ended up with the song ‘Lighter’, which Abigail Jerri released! Listen to it here.

You can also watch how it was written in this vlog!


Last week the grand prize & category winners of the International Songwriting Competition 2019 were announced. Guess what? The massive hit ‘Dance Monkey’ by Tones & I was the grand prize winner and in my category The Tesky Brothers won. Can you believe I was among those as a finalist?

But! That’s not the end of the story, because today – in my spam folder – I found an email from the ISC saying my entry ‘Name of Love‘ received honorable mention in my category. Only 1% of the 18.000 entries from 140 countries get awarded honorable mention and also get to use the ‘winner’ badge. It may not be a cash prize, but I am SUPER happy with this vote of confidence for my songwriting! And the cherry on top: I did win one of the three Spire Studios from iZotope for the ‘Inspire Your Song’ promotion. I can’t wait to try it out and write more songs!