BoNoZeKa 2013

BoNoZeKa 2013, 20th of December 2013
We rehearsed for a 25 minute gig, but when we arrived we were told we could play for an hour if we wanted to. So we doubled our setlist on the spot! A lot of unrehearsed fun, spontaneous duets and positive feedback from the audience. Continue reading

SSW Contest Cool

SSW Contest Cool Kunst & Cultuur, 17th of October 2013
Another hometown gig, this time a lot less nervous. Cool Kunst & Cultuur in Heerhugowaard had initiated a contest for singer-songwriters where one of them could win a day in the studio and a songwriting masterclass with Chip Taylor. We (Pascal & I) got some very good feedback from the jury although we did not win the contest. That has never ruined a good night though, because we had a pretty good one! Continue reading

Mooie Noten 2013

Mooie Noten 2013 Poster

Mooie Noten, 4th of April 2013
Being new to the whole performing thing I did not exactly know what Mooie Noten was, what I did know was that it’s a pop song competition. And I write popsongs. So 1+1 = 2. Little did I know that it’s pretty awesome to get selected at the first try! So it was a very exciting gig. I was very honored to have been selected. Continue reading