EP: Planning III – After


The other night, after having a meeting with a producer, I was having drinks with some friends and they asked me what my plans were regarding the marketing of my EP. No comment. I believe I’ve said it before, marketing is a very important part – and also one I’m terrible at. So if you also suck at promoting yourself or your band, here’s some ideas and pointers that I got from my friends and The Internet. As always I would love to hear creative ideas that other people have used for marketing purposes! Continue reading


Live in Los Angeles

[10 jun '14] Bar Lubitsch LA 06Not kidding! Last night I played my first gig outside of Holland. Not just anywhere, no, in WeHo (that’s what you call West Hollywood, I have learned). When I came over to Los Angeles to visit my sister I figured I simply had to play one gig. After all this is Los Angeles – the capital of creativity. I looked around online and I managed to get a gig at Bar Lubitsch, which is a really cool&cozy bar where they have great vodka cocktails.  Continue reading

EP Planning I: Before


There’s a lot more to planning an EP than I imagined. Since I love organizing things – at some point I even organized my clothes by color – I decided to make a little list. So for those who, like me, don’t know where to start with recording an EP: here’s a list I made on what to keep in mind while planning/recording an EP. Hope it’s useful, it was for me. If you have more pointers, do tell – I am a rookie after all!

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