NEW MUSIC: The ‘Heartbreak Version’ is out now!

To me, anger & sadness are often two sides of the same coin. I wanted to show both sides by also releasing this other version of ‘3AM’. The anger and strength is in the original version, the sadness is audible in the ‘Heartbreak Version’, with a beautiful string arrangement to complement that. Which one doContinue reading “NEW MUSIC: The ‘Heartbreak Version’ is out now!”

One Month of ‘3AM’

Whew! Yesterday marked 4 weeks since ‘3AM’ was released online, the perfect time to take a look at how it’s been going! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t check my Spotify stats everyday, but that’s only because I can’t believe we’re still getting between 200-400 streams A DAY (we passed 5K in 4Continue reading “One Month of ‘3AM’”


Almost 24 hours ago my new single ‘3AM’ dropped and it’s been a WONDERFUL day! I’ve received so much love and kind words on the new single, nothing makes me happier! More on that later….for now: Listen here: Spotify Or here: YouTube