Live: Uitmarkt Museumplein!

In my last blog I told you about how I won a contest and was gonna play the ABN Amro Talent Stage at de Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. When I wrote that, I figured I was gonna play some small stage on the side but it would look good on my resume. Boy, was I wrong… Continue reading

Back to business!

Three weeks in wonderful Thailand have passed and it’s time to get back to business. I’m starting a new job (internship) on Thursday, I am saying goodbye to my old office on Tuesday (*sadface*) and I am preparing for next month’s release of ‘Getting To Know You‘.
It’s all very exciting; finishing the artwork, reaching out to the press, making the video and lining up gigs to promote the song! So you best stay tuned and keep an eye on my Facebook.

What else is new? I am playing the first Amsterdam Nashville Festival on September 24, and the line-up is great. Go see for yourself: Nashville Festival.

And last but not least, on Tuesday night I sent a short video to ABN Amro for their Talent Stage at Museumplein, on Wednesday afternoon I got a call that they selected me to play a song! FUN. So tomorrow, august 28, I will race to Amsterdam after my Mixtream Festival gig to play my upcoming single ‘Getting To Know You’ at the Uitmarkt!

Update: Rehearse, Record, PlayPlayPlay

IMG_7720Since it’s been a while, lets do an update! I’ve been quite busy lately, rehearsing a lot with the band, playing several times a week – on and off stage – and (prepping for) studiodays (not mentioning trying to get my driver’s licence, writing my thesis, working part-time and still going to college)! Here are April’s highlights… Continue reading