The Bucket List #2 (Live @ 3FM!)

2014-10-28 23.52.37It’s only november and I’m already looking back on 2014 like it’s NYE. At the end of last year I remember writing ‘I wonder what 2014 is gonna bring!’ on our Facebook page. If someone would’ve told me “you’re gonna record an EP, play the main stage of Paradiso and play live on 3FM” I would have laughed right at them, but all of that actually happened.. Continue reading


Sweeter Than This

It’s been about two weeks since the release party of my first studio recording: demo-EP ‘Sweeter Than This’, shame on me for not addressing this wonderful night earlier because it really was all unicorns and rainbows, it couldn’t have been …. sweeter than this. Pun intended. Continue reading

May these memories break our fall..

Paradiso 2014Warning: this post is melodramatic.

Earlier this year I mentioned my bucketlist, and how recording an EP was the thing getting crossed off this year. But last night another thing got crossed off: playing the main hall of Paradiso, Amsterdam. Yep – August 12, 2014 I got to walk the same stairs many of my heroes have walked, going up to the stage where so many legends have played.

But that’s not really what made it special to me. Continue reading

The Bucket List


These past years I’ve been checking off many things on my bucket-list: performing live, playing with a band, owning VS underwear, get a decent semi-acoustic guitar, visit the Dali museum, fire a gun (on a shooting range, calm down) – and this week I bought a Yamaha P35 stage piano! Another big thing is gonna get checked off the list this year as well: recording an EP.
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