Week #38 – Forever Country

Since these are exciting times with the single coming up, I decided to give you a diary-post! A very music-centered week this has been. I chose the title ‘Forever Country’ because of the very cheesy but lovely video that came out on Wednesday with many of today’s country heroes. Anyhow, lets rewind to Monday. Continue reading “Week #38 – Forever Country”


Live at NPO Radio 1!

I was asked to play on national radioshow ‘Nog Steeds Wakker’ at NPO Radio 1 on May 4th, between 2 and 4AM. So I got to pull an all-nighter with guitarist Dave and replace-bass-Chris (that sounds fun when you say it out loud). Exactly one year and one week ago, Chris and I did the same thing for ‘Dit Is De Nacht‘, another show on NPO Radio 1. I did a better job at documenting it this time though.. Continue reading “Live at NPO Radio 1!”