Live at NPO Radio 1!

I was asked to play on national radioshow ‘Nog Steeds Wakker’ at NPO Radio 1 on May 4th, between 2 and 4AM. So I got to pull an all-nighter with guitarist Dave and replace-bass-Chris (that sounds fun when you say it out loud). Exactly one year and one week ago, Chris and I did the same thing for ‘Dit Is De Nacht‘, another show on NPO Radio 1. I did a better job at documenting it this time though.. Continue reading “Live at NPO Radio 1!”


Baby, love me cause I’m playing on the radio

2015-04-27 09.08.15That’s kind of a weird title for a post, but when I think the word ‘radio’ I think Lana Del Rey’s ‘Radio’ (from Born To Die) and then that sentence comes up. Back to the point, I had some more radio adventures this week! Continue reading “Baby, love me cause I’m playing on the radio”

The Bucket List #2 (Live @ 3FM!)

2014-10-28 23.52.37It’s only november and I’m already looking back on 2014 like it’s NYE. At the end of last year I remember writing ‘I wonder what 2014 is gonna bring!’ on our Facebook page. If someone would’ve told me “you’re gonna record an EP, play the main stage of Paradiso and play live on 3FM” I would have laughed right at them, but all of that actually happened.. Continue reading “The Bucket List #2 (Live @ 3FM!)”