‘The chorus is ROCKING – I personally love the inspirational energy behind it. If others want to join me in clapping along, all the better’ – EarToTheGround Music

‘This wil absolutely end up in your playlist’ – &C Talent

‘Amber Kamminga’ s a new single Name of Love is a mood-lifting song about learning to believe in love again – a perfect soundtrack to spring & summer!” – Talk About Pop Music

‘Country remains the core, but it can’t hurt to wander off to other genres that fit her phrasing. It might get her a bigger audience, something she really deserves’ – Here Comes The Flood

‘International allure? Yes, 100%! It’s catchy, it’s poppy, it’s country – but it’s also modern. The song is so cheerful you will undoubtedly press play again’ – Camiel Music